Jeremy Moon in panel debate during the 'Gourlay Ethics in Business Week'


MSC Professor Jeremy Moon participates in panel debate during the ‘Gourlay Ethics in Business Week’

            Jeremy Moon

In late May, Jeremy Moon, Professor of Sustainability Governance at the CBS Sustainability Centre, participated in the 2022 Gourlay Ethics in Business week, together with four other former, and one current, Gourlay professors.


The five-day event took place at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, and focused in particular on ‘embedding ethical practices’. Activities included panel discussions, debates, hypotheticals and question and answer forums tackling a variety of business ethics issues.



A video recording is now available of one of the events Jeremy Moon took part in. This is the panel debate on ‘Business ethics & the COVID vaccine’, presented as being ‘centred around business ethics and the science, the sign off, the sell and the supply of the COVID vaccine’.


Besides Jeremy Moon, panellists included Professor Andrew Cuthbertson, Associate Professor Margie Danchin, Professor Barbara McPake, and Dr Norman Swan.


Watch the panel debate here.

           Gourlay Ethics in Business Week
Read more about the Gourlay Ethics in Business week here. For further information, contact Jeremy Moon,



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