Journal of Trust Research - Presentation, 2011

Presentation of the first issue of Journal of Trust Research

Monday, May 16, 2011 - 15:00 to 16:30

Editor: Professor Peter Ping Li, Asia Research Centre, Department of International Economics and Management, CBS




Welcome by HoD Niels Mygind, Introduction by acting President Alan Irwin




Presentation by the editor Professor Peter Ping Li,


“The rigour-relevance balance for engaged  scholarship: new frame and new agenda  for trust research and beyond”.



The Department of International Economics and Management hosts a reception also at the Faculty Club.


Journal Mission

Trust is imperative to constructive social interaction and cooperation at and across all levels. Positioned as a high-impact source journal providing novel ideas for other journals (both academic and practical), the mission of JTR is:


  • to inquire into the nature, form, base and role of trust as well as the mechanism and stage of trust-building and trust repair at and across personal, group, organizational, community and national levels so as to facilitate and stimulate informed academic dialogue and debate toward an integrative body of knowledge via both relevant and rigorous theory-building and theory-testing

  • to influence individuals, groups, organizations, communities and nations in the choice of practical solutions for their trust-related management by providing the most relevant and rigorous research.


Journal Philosophy

JTR is particularly interested in those studies that are inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-level, multi-method, context-rich, process-oriented, and practice-relevant in perspectives, so as to effectively investigate the holistic content and dynamic process of organizational and societal trust, without the perils of reductionist assumptions. JTR identifies the above as the emerging trends with the greatest potential to contribute to our rich and deep understanding about the complex phenomenon of trust.

Journal Scope

As an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural journal dedicated to advancing a cross-level, context-rich, process-oriented, and practice-relevant journal, JTR provides a focal point for an open  dialogue and debate between diverse researchers, thus enhancing the understanding of trust in general and trust-related management in particular, especially in its organizational and social context in the broadest sense. Through both theoretical development and empirical investigation, JTR seeks to open the "black-box" of trust in various contexts.

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