A New India? High Growth and the Ethical Dilemma, 2011

Anthony P. D’Costa speaking to Copenhagen International Business Alumini

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 17:30 to 19:30

In the last twenty years a “new” India has resurfaced -- an India that is socially confident, globally active,


economically visible, technologically suave, and youthfully smart. Its expatriate professionals, students,

and computer engineers and its entertainment industry have placed India in the global economy in new

ways. Its regional engagement with Asia, quiet collaboration with China, and growing bilateral relationship

with the US is realigning the global political architecture. Yet many challenges such as India’s large absolute

level of poverty, grotesque inequality, political fragmentation, the challenges of employment creation

pathetic educational access, and the persistent of casteism provide an image of another India. This lecture

will critically reflect on this other India and conclude that much more needs to happen before we can be

satisfied with the current “new” India.


Anthony P. D’Costa is a Professor in Indian Studies and Research Director at the Asia Research Centre, Copenhagen Business School. Prior to this appointment in 2008 he was with the University of Washington for eighteen years. He has written extensively on the global steel, Indian automobile and IT industries, globalization, development, innovations, and industrial restructuring. He is currently working on globalization and the international mobility of IT workers, co-authoring a photographic essay on Indian modernity and industrialization, and editing volumes on economic nationalism and the development experiences of India and China.

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Host: Gabriella Munch, CBS and member of the CIBA board


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