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ARC publishes The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies and Copenhagen Discussion Papers

The ARC researchers publish their research results in books, as journal articles, by submitting working papers etc. On top of this, the centre publishes the academic journal The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (CJAS) and the working paper series Copenhagen Discussion Papers (CDP)

Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies

Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (CJAS) is a peer-previewed journal published by Asia Research Centre. The editor is Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard.

All issues of The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies are available online.

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Latest issue:
Vol. 35, No 2 (2017):

Ethnic Enterprises, Class Resources and Market Conditions: Indian owned SMEs in Malaysia

Reinforcing Leninist Means of Corruption Control in China: Centralization, Regulatory Changes and Party-State Integration

The Belt and Road Initiative: Implications for China and East Asian Economies

The 19th Party Congress: Personnel Changes and Policy Guidelines

Scope and focus

The journal focuses on the social political economy of contemporary Asia. CJAS publishes refereed papers that emphasize:

Business in society: Fast-paced economic development has transformed Asia. New social, cultural and political values and behaviour have emerged.
Society in business: Culture and politics are embedded in the economic arena. Business strategies, economic plans and management styles are constantly evolving out of local constraints.
Theory: Analysing new Asia and using indigenous knowledge will offer fresh ways of understanding society and business. Developing fresh theories from global and local perspectives will enrich our scientific knowledge of Asia and the world.

The scope of the journal is broad. We welcome investigations at various levels - global, societal, social group and company.

Contact information and access to past issues.

Guidelines for manuscript submission and preparation 2013 (pdf)

CJAS is a DOI registered journal.

Copenhagen Discussion Papers

Asia Research Centre publishes a research paper series on Asia: Copenhagen Discussions Papers. The series presents reports and work in progress by researchers at the Centre, affiliates and guest researchers and it is available both in paper and as online version.

Editor of the Copenhagen Discussion Papers is Associate Professor Michael Jacobsen.

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