Morten Sørensen receives DKK 7 mill. Sapere Aude grant

CBS appoints Morten Sørensen as professor. He is awarded seven million kroner from the Danish Council for Independent Research for a project that will study capital markets for young Danish companies


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has appointed Morten Sørensen from Columbia Business School as professor. He is an expert in corporate finance, particularly for young, non-listed companies and has received, along with CBS, seven million kroner from the Danish Council for Independent Research for a project focusing on Danish companies.


Unique insight

The project combines unique Danish data containing information on the financial conditions in, for example, small and emerging businesses and economic models that Sørensen has helped develop. This combination makes it possible to analyse the returns and risks associated with investment, explains Sørensen to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science: The potential exists to create unique insight into the economy that is not possible with US data or data from other countries.


Career in USA

Currently an associate professor at Columbia Business School, Sørensen has been appointed professor at the Department of Finance, CBS, beginning 1. August. Born in 1973, Sørensen received his PhD from Stanford University in 2005, has worked at the University of Chicago and is now at Columbia University’s business school in New York. An expert in corporate finance and entrepreneurial finance, Sørensen has published in leading international financial journals, including Journal of Finance and Review of Financial Studies. Sørensen will be moving back to Denmark with his family after 15 years in the US to begin at CBS after the summer holiday. With regard to his new position and the grant, Sørensen says: It’s a great privilege to have the opportunity to complete this project, which will make it possible to work with much larger, more ambitious analyses than I’ve been able to do on my own up until now.


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