Small businesses affected by the international instability - Danish owner-managers halves their expectations


The results from the auditor company PwC's latest owner-manager analysis shows that danish owner-managers have grown remarkably more pessimistic over the past year. Last year the owner-managers expected a growth-rate of 57 % when looking 3 years ahead, this year the growth expectations for 2017 are down to 32 %.

Partner in PwC Poul Spencer Poulsen explains the more modest growth expectations with the lately international turmoil:

"Europe and the US' problematic relations to Russia, the great economic recovery which have not shown its face yet, declining markets - all of this create uncertainties for the small and middle-sized companies. They hold on to existing markets and products and hesitate to expand to foreign markets."

You can read Eva Andersen's full article in Boersen PDF iconhere and PDF iconhere


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