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On the 4th of June, 2019, we welcomed almost 140 owner-managers and advisors to the conference "Stronger leadership & successful change of ownership" for an afternoon with the owner-manager in focus. See or revisit the presentations here.

Konference Stærkere lederskab & bedre ejerskifte

Stronger leadership & succesful change of ownership 

At this year's Ownership Management Conference, the Center for Owner-Managed Businesses put focus on the owner's management and personal clarification in relation to change of ownership, when we invited researchers, a business psychologist, an historian, an advisor and a family business to focus on the owner's personal attachment to the company.

After a welcome by the Manager of Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses, Jette P. Jørgensen, CEO Thomas Hofman-Bang, The Danish Industry Foundation, explained why owner management is on the agenda of The Danish Industry Foundation. He stated that SMEs play a significant role, as they represent 99% of Danish companies, and 51% of the revenue in Danish companies - and that owner-managed businesses account for 80% of Danish companies. Technology and exports are major challenges for the SMEs, and the Foundation is endowing with annual awards for programs, theme calls and projects to, among other things, management and change of ownership to overcome these challenges.
 Download Thomas Hofman-Bang's presentation here

Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen, CBS, has done research on owner-management for many years and he emphasized the value of planning, the risk of having a specific key person in owner-managed businesses, the planning challenges as well as market and institutional challenges. Kasper Meisner Nielsen and Prof. Morten Bennedsen, KU has just released the report PDF icon Ejerledelse i Danmark – Rapport 6: De markedsmæssige og institutionelle udfordringer ved ejerskifte, which was published at the conference.
Download Kasper Meisner Nielsen's presentation here

Business Psychologist and Professor Ann-Louise Holten, KU, then stated that because the owner-manager is the main character of the exit process, there is a need to understand the psychology behind barriers and opportunities for exit. The following 20 minutes she helped the audience to understand the barriers and introduced two crucial psychological factors in connection with exit: Identification - how important is the company for the owner's identity and existence, as well as the Need for control - how important is it for the owner to have control of the company. The research indicates that these two factors are greatly challenged by the exit process.
Download Ann-Louise Holten's presentation here

After the break, Assistant Professor Ellen M. Korsager, CBS, introduced the Ownership Barometer - a tool for personal clarification. The Ownership Barometer is a dialogue tool that is used in interaction between the advisor and the owner-manager, which helps to clarify whether the owner has a high or low need for control of the company, and to what extent the owner identifies with the business. She invited accountant Ole Hosbond Poulsen, Beierholm, on the stage to share experiences with the use of the tool in his work as an accountant, as well as Alexander Mygind Andersen and Kurt Mygind Andersen to share their experiences and challenges in carrying out a smooth change of ownership in their company Viking Rubber Company A/S.
Download Ellen M. Korsager's presentation here

Download  the programme for the conference here.

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