Branding the ICT cluster in the Öresund Region (BrandIT)


The Øresund Region has one of the greatest concentrations within the ICT industry in Europe with more than a 70,000 employees, 8,000 companies, 8,000 students and 13,500 researchers. This is the basis for the cluster which has the possibility of attracting international research facilities, the most qualified people – students, researchers and employees – and internationally established companies.The purpose of this project is to make sure that the ICT cluster in the Øresund Region will remain and continue to bring financial growth to the region. This will be accomplished through a branding strategy that will place the ICT cluster of the Øresund Region in an international context and consciousness. Prior to this it is necessary to analyze the cluster to make exact and updated statistics that will generate knowledge with regards to size, number of companies, students, researchers and employees. This will make it possible to compare the cluster in the Øresund Region to others clusters in Europe and the rest of the world.The branding strategy will contain both a regional and a European aspect where it is important to spread the information on the ICT cluster's capabilities. It is a requirement that the region's companies, universities, politicians etc. also are prepared to present the results so that the message from all stakeholders in the region is synchronized. When the BrandIT project is launched throughout Europe it will have a precise aim at the areas that will produce value for the ICT cluster in the Øresund Region. Examples are companies looking for research facilities, conferences where the ICT industry is represented, and areas with a general high educated population. Furthermore, the project will conduct events to establish direct contact to relevant individuals and organizations. Finally the project will provide information venues in the Øresund Region so that visitors easily can be inspired and informed when coming to the region. These information labs will be placed in Malmö and Copenhagen, one focusing on technology and the other focusing on content. The people in contact with the project will be invited to visit these venues. Besides spreading the word and branding the ICT cluster in the Øresund Region the project will also tie the region closer together.




Interreg IVA


Department of Informatics

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Øresund IT, Malmö University, Ekonomihögskolan. Lunds Universitet, Roskilde University, Lunds Tekniska Högskola Ingenjörshögskolan, 5te, Copenhagen Capacity, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet




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