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Why DigitalLead? Today, digital technologies are a key catalyst for growth in all parts of society and have led to a radical transformation of the way society and businesses operate. Digitization is an increasing challenge, but also an opportunity, for Danish society. This applies to virtually all industries - eg production, energy, transport, retail, service, industry, agriculture, food, health and care, public administration, education - and also the IT area itself. If a company or industry does not manage to undergo a “digital transformation”, there is an imminent danger of “disruption”, where traditional products and work processes are quickly overtaken by new digital initiatives. On the other hand, there will be great opportunities for those companies that know how to take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation - We see companies like Grundfos, Kamstrup and Danfoss developing technology on top of their existing solutions and thereby creating new, better and more competitive products in the global market. Until now, this is a development that we see in Denmark's largest companies - but the development must be extended to a much greater extent to the SME segment as well. In order to support the digital development and transformation of all parts of the Danish business community, there is a need for a strong cluster organization in Denmark that can bring together the existing strong regional actors both nationally and internationally and highlight positions of strength in Danish research and industry in IT to support collaboration and innovation across. "DigitalLead will be Denmark's national cluster organization for digital technologies".


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Alexandra Instituttet, Aarhus University, FORCE Technology, Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark



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