Center for Corporate Performance

Center for Corporate Performance (CCP) conducts joint research with the corporate world in Denmark.

CCP is a cross-organizational research center founded in 2002 at Aarhus University and now domiciled at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Accounting.

The research center is a joint project between the corporate world and researchers from Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus University.

We conduct research in HR with the purpose of enhancing corporate performance. We study a broad range of HR initiatives such as performance management systems, incentive systems, the use of teams, retention policies, employee job satisfaction, sickness absenteeism, employment and wage structures, etc. And, furthermore, we link these initiatives to customers, organizational performance, and the bottom line.

Our research is often conducted in close collaboration with CCP member companies on their data.

Corporate HR partners
Center for Corporate Performance (CCP) is supported financially and through data sharing by its corporate partners and network collaborators. The funds mainly finance the establishment of a data processing infrastructure, secretarial and student assistance, workshops, the collection of surveys, purchases of data from Denmark’s Statistik (Statistics Denmark), and hosting of seminars and the bi-annual CCP meetings. Furthermore, the funds will finance the continuous dissemination of research results.

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Copenhagen Business School
Solbjerg Plads 3, 5.C
2000 Frederiksberg

Director of CCP
Professor Anders Frederiksen
TEL:  +45 61620207

Network Coordinator
Sara Høgh-Nielsen (maternity leave replacement)
TEL: +45 3815 2325 


Corporate HR partners

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