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Why should my company join CCP?

Which HR initiatives create tangible value for your company – and how is it documented?

If you recognize some of the situations below, your company might want to consider becoming a member of CCP:

  • Do you question your prioritizations when you carry out HR initiatives?
  • Do you achieve the desired effect?
  • Do you commit to the most appropriate performance measures using the most suitable tools?
  • Is it sometimes a question of belief or ‘gut feeling’ when you decide which initiatives had the greatest effect?
  • Would you like to work with valid empirical evidence of HR initiatives that work?
  • Do you wish to gain a more strategic, more direct, and increasingly measurable connection between the internal corporate HR initiatives and the overall organizational performance (including their influence on employees)?
  • Would you like to add more weight to your presentations through research based tools persuading your colleagues or managers regarding future HR initiatives that visibly contribute to company growth?
  • Are you interested in hearing other companies talk about their experiences when connecting HR and productivity (with full confidentiality)?

Corporate HR partners

Center for Corporate Performance (CCP) is supported financially and through data sharing by its corporate partners and network collaborators. The funds mainly finance the establishment of a data processing infrastructure, secretarial and student assistance, workshops, the collection of surveys, purchases of data from Denmark’s Statistik (Statistics Denmark), and hosting of seminars and the bi-annual CCP meetings. Furthermore, the funds will finance the continuous dissemination of research results.


(Financial contributor and/or active participants in research projects) 

ccp partners

Network Collaborators

CCP Collaborators


Corporate HR network - membership models

The CCP network consists of university researchers and some of Denmark’s largest companies and organizations. We conduct research relevant to the corporate world, often using data from CCP member organizations. In addition to our research activities, we meet at bi-annual CCP meeting where we share knowledge and ideas. These meetings are by invitation only.

A CCP membership gives access to the CCP research activities, the network and CCP meetings. The annual fee (for an organization) is DKK 20,000 which is used to maintain and support CCP activities.

If your organization fits the description and you would like to hear more, you are welcome to contact us at:



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