CBS Minor in Business Law and Economics - Fundamentals of International Economic Law

Please note! The international minor is offered in the autumn semester


Mandatory courses


Course description


The Economics and Business Strategies of European integration

This course concerns economic and strategic management in EU, European integration, EUs Economic and Monetary Union, macro-economics and EU-institutions, and thus, competition in EU in a business perspective.


Strategy and economics

Fundamentals of International Economic Law

This course concerns the rules and principles governing trade between states with focus on the law and policies of the WTO and its quasi-judicial system. In light of the increased globalization, it is necessary for businesses to understand the function of WTO law with its direct impact on business transactions. The course takes WTO law into the context of economic theory, international relations, the environment and human rights.


Negotiation - Theory and Practice

This elective consists of negotiation theory, collaboration, biases in decision making, strategy, repeted games, multi- party business negotiations, settlements, team negotiations and cross-cultural negotiations



Law and management

The world is changing and today’s and future businesses must bring law into the management perspective. This course is a Yale invention and Professor Constance Bagley from Yale School of management has approved the use at this specific course at CBS. This course consists of legal and economic lectures in law and management theory and economic efficiency theory







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