MADE Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

MADE is applying research, driving innovation and strengthening education to improve the competitiveness of Danish manufacturing. MADE achieves this by working in collaboration with companies, universities and GTS institutes to make Denmark the world’s most competitive manufacturing country.


MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark was launched in 2014 to strengthen the Danish manufacturing ecosystem through applied research, development and innovation.

MADE was established by the industry, funds, associations and research environments, and the vision is to make Denmark the world’s leading manufacturing nation through research, innovation and education.

MADE unites manufacturing companies, universities and RTOs in an innovative collaboration that exploits and enhances the strongholds for which Denmark is world renowned:

  • Denmark is among the world’s leading nations in producing high value and high-tech industrial products of the highest quality.
  • Denmark has a highly skilled, well-educated workforce, flexible labor markets, and a long tradition of cooperation and mutual trust.
  • Denmark has many small enterprises leading in niche fields, enabling cooperation across companies.

On the basis of these strengths, MADE's mission is to ensure that Denmark remains a world-class manufacturing nation in the future.

CBS participates in all three MADE Platforms. Read more about the platforms below.





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