The ABC research network is a joint partnership among several research institutions that all occupy a central position in the landscape of institutional theory and that have complementary skills in relation to institutional entrepreneurship in organizational analysis. Read more about the Partner universities.

The core members of the network all have an active research interest in interpretive approaches to institutional entrepreneurship in organizational analysis. The core members include:
From Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization, Denmark:

    Eva Boxenbaum, professor, coordinator of the network
    Jesper Strandgaard , professor
    Ann Westenholz , professor
    Renate E. Meyer , visiting professor
    Mary Ann Glynn, adjunct professor

From University of Alberta, Department of Strategic Organization, Canada:

    Royston Greenwood , professor
    Michael Lounsbury , professor
    Roy Suddaby , professor

From Harvard University, Department of Sociology, or Harvard Business School, Unit of Organizational Behavior    

    Frank Dobbin , professor
    Julie Battilana , associate professor

From Boston College, Management and Organization Department, USA :

    Mary Ann Glynn , professor
    Candace Jones , associate professor

From WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Institute for Public Management/Department of Strategic Management, Austria:

    Renate Meyer, professor

From Ecole des Mines de Paris, Centre for Management Science, France:

    Eva Boxenbaum , professor

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