Research talent receives grant for research in knowledge production


Monday Valentina Tartari, Assistant Professor and PhD at Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (INO), received the Research Talent grant of 499,163 kroner from the Danish Council for Independent Research.


Valentina Tartari, Assistant Professor and PhD at Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics, who is originally from Italy, received recognition this Monday when she was presented with the Sapere Aude; the Research Talent grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

The financial support will go to her research project "The effect of social influence on knowledge production: An analysis of academic productivity." The project investigates the effect of social environment on the research production of academics.

Valentina Tartari has used the 2012 reorganisation of the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen to analyse how social relations affect the creation of new knowledge by reviewing research publications and career data.

With the reorganisation, the management has created new professional and social environments that the researchers have not chosen for themselves.

- It is a unique research opportunity for me. Usually it is a source of error in this research area that we do not know if researchers hire new researchers that are like themselves, or if new researchers choose to imitate the group they become part of, explains Valentina Tartari.

Grant ensures research dissemination
The grant of 499,163 kroner is an extra recognition to researchers who have received an individual scholarship from the Council for Independent Research in the past year. Valentina Tartari received such a scholarship in February of 1,783,776 kroner.

The Sapere Aude grant enables research talents to form an international network e.g. by making research visits abroad or participating in international research conferences.

- The extra funding makes it possible to disseminate the research from my original grant and get more perspectives on it, says the 31-year-old researcher.

The extra grant means that she can host a focus workshop where she invites researchers from other areas, and that she can sponsor a track at the DRUID conference, which is Europe's biggest conference for innovation.

40 young researchers have received the Sapere Aude Research Talent grant this year.

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