Professor Ad de Jong becomes the first Kraks Fond Professor of Marketing at CBS

Professor Ad de Jong has secured the prestigious title of the first Kraks Fond Professor of Marketing at CBS thanks to a generous donation from the Kraks Foundation. This will enable him to widen his research, particularly in the field of marketing, and what it means for trade and industry, and thereby reaching a wider audience.


Ad de Jong

In the future, more companies will be able to benefit from Ad de Jong's research. The grant from Kraks Foundation will help strengthen his marketing studies and share valuable insights with a broader audience.

Adam Lindgreen, Head of the Department of Marketing at CBS is very pleased about the establishment of the Kraks Fond Professor of Marketing, as he believes that it will have a significant impact on both CBS and society in general:

“New knowledge in this area will be of great importance to the many companies working with, among other things, circular economy. The creation of the Kraks Fond Professorship in Marketing will bring about opportunities to communicate Ad de Jong's strong research to businesses and society at large.”

Ad de Jong himself is very grateful:

“I will be able to take the next step and begin exploring and expanding my marketing research in areas such as circular economy. This is an essential issue that many companies face and are challenged by as they strive to implement sustainable business practices. Circular economy involves not only resource recycling but also a transition to more sustainable production and consumption models. My research aims to identify concrete solutions, strategies and best practices that can help businesses navigate the transition to a circular economy from a marketing perspective.”

In this digital age, understanding customer emotions is key to successfully market and sell products

- Ad de Jong, CBS Professor

Ad de Jong’s research also explores trends and challenges in the field of frontline marketing. The essence of frontline marketing is the encounter between the customer-contact employees and their customers. It is in frontline marketing that the organisation can win or lose the battle with its competitors, Ad de Jong explains:

“In this digital age, understanding customer emotions is key to successfully market and sell products. Social skills for employees who work directly with customers are very important.”

Ad de Jong decided to join CBS in 2018 because of his appreciation of the university’s strong culture of collaboration.

“Throughout my career, I have valued close collaboration with both well-established and young researchers. In this new appointment, I will remain committed to working closely with my colleagues at the department, as I believe that a diverse range of perspectives enrich the research process and, consequently, the insights gained,” says Ad de Jong before adding a final remark:

“As the new Kraks Fond Professor of Marketing at CBS, I am excited to dive into research that not only shares valuable insights but also makes a real impact on the future of marketing.”

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