CBS researcher takes over at the Danish university in Beijing


The Danish-Chinese university cooperation is well under way in Beijing and a CBS researcher is now taking up the position as head of the social science area at Sino Danish Center for Research and Education.


From 1 January this year the position as "Principal Coordinator" passes to Stine Haakonson, Associate Professor at CBS, who will take the Sino Danish Center from start-up project to sustainable research and education initiative in China.
Since the Danish government established SDC in Beijing in 2008, Lars Bo Kaspersen, Professor at the University of Copenhagen, has had the overall responsibility for the research and the education programmes under the social science area - the position that Stine Haakonson will now assume.
- I have been on board from the start with Lars Bo Kaspersen, albeit on the sidelines. I look forward to help in underlining that SDC is a known and respected university in Beijing with strong research and education activities in the social science area, says Stine Haakonsson.
Denmark and China building new campus outside Beijing
Both CBS and Aalborg University offer a master's programme at SDC and student recruitment has surpassed the wildest expectations. 
- I hope the presence of both students and researchers on the new campus, which will be completed next year, will help consolidate the project. It is important that both students and researchers meet and can continue their dialogue between meetings. We want to find a way for the network to develop, also virtually. That is the only way to attract more talent - both for the research track and the education programmes, Stine Haakonsson continues and adds that there is plenty of fresh air at the new campus, which is a one hour drive from downtown Beijing.
Stine Haakonsson will be visiting SDC in Beijing several times a year. Her Chinese colleague, Professor Hong, is responsible for SDC's Chinese students and researchers. However, most of her work tasks, which will need to be solved alongside the job as Associate Professor at CBS, can be managed from Denmark in cooperation with the two Programme Directors at CBS and Aalborg University respectively, who are responsible for the two social science master's programmes.
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