Meet Darja, a student from BSc in Business, Languages and Culture (Spanish)

Why did I choose my programme? 
I always knew I wanted to do something with the Spanish I had achieved from living in Costa Rica when I was younger. When I stumbled across the programme BLC I was thrilled. The combination of both culture and economics made me eager to apply for the programme. Also hearing about the opportunity to go on exchange in 5th semester was a great plus for me, because I know from experience that it is a unique and very giving experience.

What do I like the best?
I enjoy the community you get with your fellow students and the events that BLC arranges. You will meet students from many different countries and learn about their culture, which I find super exciting. Also, CBS gives you so many great opportunities to meet new people and socialize. I also like the everyday life of being a student and I am often looking forward to the lectures and meeting my classmates. 

What do I think is difficult?
There is a big jump from upper secondary to university and that of course comes with challenges. I found it difficult having many different courses during the 1st semester and learning how to manage them differently. It was also a bit scary to have 5 exams over 4 weeks, because it seemed like a very short period. I also found it difficult to schedule my study-time for each exam and figuring out what study techniques worked best for me. 

What would I have liked to know before starting my programme?
I was stunned about how high the Spanish level was and I do wish I had maybe taken a quick summer course in Spanish, just to refresh it before starting. That would have given me a solid background to start and given me the opportunity to place my effort on the other more demanding courses. 

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I see myself working in some international institution where I can use my Spanish skills. I also see myself working with economics and accounting, but I am not settled yet. I am open for working in many different fields and that’s also why I really like the BLC programme. It gives you the opportunity to work in many different areas both international and national.

If I could give myself a piece of advice before starting, it would be..
I panicked to begin with and thought I would fail every course, indeed very dramatic. Of course, this did not happen, and I managed to get great results anyway. I am sure the panic did not help me in any positive way and only made the exam period more stressful. I have learned with hard work everything will be just fine and if you really do your best, you can learn anything.  So, my advice would be, don’t stress unnecessarily, that will only cost more of your energy.

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