Department of Organization

  • Organizations, Markets and Governance (OMG)
PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-3.46

I am interested in the historical development of corporate elites and how corporate elites use social networks strategically. My research focus on how the largest Danish corporations over the past hundred years have used corporate networks strategically and how network ties translate into corporate performance.

My educational background is in sociology where I methodologically have specialized within the field of quantitative methods. My current research will deploy network analysis and time series analysis, but I have formerly worked with other (mainly quantitative) methods such as multiple correspondence analysis, sequence analysis, quantitative text analysis, webscraping, and netnography.

I am currently affiliated the CLONE (Consequences of Long-term Organizational Embeddedness) project sponsored by the Velux Foundation Grant.

Primary research areas
  • Economic Sociology
  • Corporate Elites
  • Social Network Analysis
Curriculum Vitae
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Advanced Mixed Methods (KAN-CPOLO1043U), MSc International Business and Politics


Supervising First year projects on Research Design and Quantitative Methods I at the BSc in Business Administration and Sociology

Selected publications

Blogpost: Albris et al. (2020). Digital klima-aktivisme i en skandinavisk corona-tid, SODAS, Københavns Universitet,

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Anders Sevelsted; Majsa Grosen / Who Governs Civil Society? : Evidence From the Swedish Civil Society Elite.
Abstract from Conference on Civil Society Studies 2023, 2023
Conference abstract for conference > peer review