Conversation @bout time with Lasse Jonasson

The Centre for Organization and Time invites to a conversation @bout time on "Anticipatory leadership: How to lead your organization in times of uncertainty and complexity" with Lasse Jonasson, Director at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - 13:30 to 15:00

Traditional leadership practices are often based on the fundamental idea that we can plan and predict our future. This is a reality that today’s leaders cannot recognize. Most leaders are getting overwhelmed by the uncertainty and complexity of the environment they must deal with. This is causing most of the traditional leadership tools to fall short, creating a situation where leaders and organizations find themselves paralyzed and incapable of acting timely. Anticipatory leadership is about including long-term vision and an understanding of continuous change in daily management, not by forecasting from the present, but by backcasting from the future. Eco-systems thinking, distributed leadership, local cultural dialects, and redesigning the organization are vital parts of this. And they have a strengthened sense of imagination, involvement, and storytelling.

Brief Biography
Lasse Jonasson is a senior futurist and director at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies heading the advisory department. Lasse is primarily engaged in advisory of organizations within long term strategic transitions through scenario planning and CIFS concept around Anticipatory Leadership. His competencies lie in anticipating changes and driving forces within industries and industry players, analyzing new business models, and driving a transformational change at leadership level to equip leaders to future conditions. Lasse is primarily engaged with connecting the discipline of strategic foresight with vision, strategy, and daily execution.

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