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The Platform Intelligence in News-Project (the PIN-Project) aims to advance responsible platform intelligence in digital news publishing via artificial intelligence (AI). To do so, the project leverages unique synergies between industrial research at universities and experimental research in JP/Politikens Hus to develop and live test novel recommender systems and natural language processing models geared specifically for news publishing. The research output includes validated algorithms, code bases, and strategic and ethical guidelines for their application. They will be shared with the public and implemented in JP/Politikens Hus via downstream applications that include personalization of the news flow and user experience, topic extraction, cross news article summarization, and conversational journalism.By doing so, the PIN-project addresses strategic needs for economic growth in the ailing digital news publishing industry and helps alleviate the weakening of news that has been called “the most pressing cultural challenge in recent years” (Ministry for Culture 2017: 9).To achieve its aim, the PIN-project builds on an interdisciplinary research network that includes Danish Institutions that are highly distinguished in their respective areas: DTU Compute at DTU (recommender systems), DIKU at UCPH (NLP), MSC at CBS with contributions from DC at UCPH (strategies and ethics), and JP/Politikens Hus (news publishing).


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