New MSc Courses in Sustainability

The CBS Sustainability Platform is delighted to announce that CBS will be offering two new MSc courses in sustainability.


The courses, listed as ‘Sustainability Challenges 1: Systems Thinking’ and ‘Sustainability Challenges 2: Specific Systems and Capstone Project’ will be offered in the first and second quarter of the fall term in 2015. The courses are part of the Joint CBS-DTU-KU Certificate in Sustainability: Science, Technology and Business and coordinated by the Copenhagen Sustainability Initiative (COSI).

Course participants will apply hands-on and multi-disciplinary approaches to solving the complex and multi-level sustainability challenges that business, government and civil society currently face. Students will be exposed to a systems thinking in relation to sustainability, drawing from business studies, engineering and science approaches, such as earth systems and planetary boundaries, production systems, and business interaction systems.

The overall aim of these two courses is to develop a generation of specialist professionals (business administrators, engineers, scientists) who can work successfully in multi-disciplinary teams to solve the sustainability challenges society and business face.

Interested in learning more or signing up for the courses? Click here to find out more about ‘Sustainability Challenges 1: Systems Thinking’ and here to learn more about ‘Sustainability Challenges 2: Specific Systems and Capstone Project.’

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