Research Seminar on Implicit and Explicit CSR

Research Seminar by Dirk Matten (Schulich School of Business, York University), Jeremy Moon (CBS), and Steen Vallentin (CBS)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 13:00 to 15:00

Organized by the Governing Responsible Business Research Environment


A decade ago, Dirk Matten and Jeremy Moon were puzzling over comparisons between CSR in the USA and in Western Europe.[1]


They concluded that the differences in the CSRs on the two continents were explained by their respective different institutions or national business systems.  As a result, there was a greater emphasis on ‘implicit’ CSR (reflecting strategies to comply with societal expectations) in Western Europe, and a greater emphasis on ‘explicit’ CSR (reflecting company based strategy) in the USA.  However, they also observed that European CSR was becoming more ‘explicit’ and they drew on neo-institutional theory to explain the impact on CSR in Western Europe of CSR emerging as an international management phenomenon.


The framework has been deployed, adapted and criticised in subsequent research.


The workshop brings together two papers that review, and in one case criticize, and seek to extend the framework.


Steen Vallentin ‘On the Meaning, Boundaries and Value of ’Implicit’ CSR: A Conceptual Critique and Alternative Proposal’


Dirk Matten and Jeremy Moon ‘Capitalism, the public good and entrenched societal institutions – a game of domination or ménage-à-trois?’



This workshop is supported by the Governing Responsible Business (GRB) Research Environment.



Coffee and tea will be served. 


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