CBS offers new bachelor programme in shipping economics

CBS Maritime plays an important part in new collaborations with the shipping industry and across universities. A maritime research event at CBS emphasised the need and received a prominent visit by Morten Østergaard, Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education. CBS has just sent an application to the Danish accreditation operator ACE Denmark for the first Danish, academic programme in shipping economics at undergraduate level


The government growth plan sets the stage for a strengthening of research and education within the maritime sector. On 28 May, the Danish Maritime Fund and CBS Maritime had all the Danish universities over for a very well-attended maritime research event at CBS. There were representatives from university research communities and the corporate sector. Morten Østergaard also paid a visit and showed his support for CBS Maritime and the collaborations between the universities and Blue Denmark.

CBS plays a central part
Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director for CBS Maritime and Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics:

- We have demonstrated our ability to joint universities and the corporate sector. As we have experienced during the event, the shipping industry wishes to get closer to university research. CBS plays a central part in this project - to share and coordinate knowledge. We have also done this in relation to INNO+, a project where we in partnership with the business community have collected and processed suggestions put forward within the maritime industry and thus put forward one overall suggestion for new innovations. We can improve our efficiency by sharing knowledge and be interdisciplinary, he says.

A concrete result of CBS' focus on this area is the first academic shipping programme. At the moment, the accreditation application for the first academic programme within shipping economics at undergraduate level has been sent to the accreditation institution ACE Denmark. The programme has been developed in partnership with the Danish Shipowners' Association, and CBS expects to enrol new students in 2014.

Interdisciplinarity benefits the business community
Carsten Ørts Hansen, Co-director for CBS Maritime and Associate Professor at the Department of Operations Management, specifically emphasises cooperation across the Danish research environments as a strong contribution to the shipping industry:

- When CBS Maritime joins forces with the other universities and synthesise the technical possibilities with both legal and financial conditions, new possibilities and new knowledge arises. We see this as an acknowledgement of CBS Maritime, but it also commits us to deliver relevant research to strengthen the competitiveness of the shipping industry. We have to join forces and collaborate across expertise. At the moment, this industry is riding on a wave in Denmark, but we cannot take that for granted. The world is in fact turning, he says.

Please contact Martin Jes Iversen, Associate Professor, at for more information about the new bachelor programme and Henrik Sornn-Friese at for more information about CBS Maritime.

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