Upcoming and past BIGFI seminars and events.


The BIGFI center organizes conferences and other events. As part of the Department of Finance seminar series, BIGFI regularly hosts research seminars with invited international speakers.

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April 12, 11:00 - 12:15: BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Paul Fontanier, Yale School of Management Seminar CBS
May 16, 8.30-17: CBS Capital Four Credit Day Conference CBS
May 17, 11:00 - 12:15: BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Ran Duchin, Carroll School of Management & Boston College Seminar CBS
June 21, 11:00 - 12:15: BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Markus Pelger, Stanford University Seminar CBS




February 26, 2024

BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Peter Feldhütter, BIGFI and CBS

March 1, 2024 BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School
March 8, 2024 BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Stefano Giglio, Yale School of Management
March 13, 2024 BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Fatima Filali Adib, BIGFI and CBS


January 26, 2023 BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Jonathan Karlsen, University of Western Australia
January 30, 2023 BIGFI Brown Bag Seminar with Serge Belongie, Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence (UCPH)

March 2, 2023

BIGFI Opening Event
March 3, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Katharina Lewellen, Tuck School of Business

March 21, 2023

BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Julie Marx, BIGFI and CBS

March 24, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Ian Martin, London School of Economics

March 31, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Pietro Veronesi, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

April 28, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Ravi Bansal, Duke University

May 1, 2023

BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality, University of Copenhagen

May 11, 2023

CBS Capital Four Credit Day

May 26, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Heather Tookes, Yale School of Management

May 31, 2023 BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Mogens Johansen and Thomas Jonsson, CR Consulting
June 2, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Christopher Tonetti, Stanford Graduate School of Business: Risky Insurance

June 9-10, 2023

Advances in Financial Econometrics, a conference in honor of Torben G. Andersen

June 20, 2023 BIGFI Brown Bag Seminar with Kim Peijnenburg, BIGFI and EDHEC
August 21, 2023

BIGFI Lunch Seminar with Allan Timmermann, University of California, San Diego

September 8, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Nicolae Garleanu, Washington University in St. Louis

September 15, 2023 BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Christine Parlour, Haas School of Business
September 26, 2023 Nordic Fintech Symposium 2023
September 29, 2023 CANCELLED: BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Ran Duchin, Carroll School of Management, Boston College
November 10, 2023

BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Marcin Kacperczyk, Imperial College London

December 15, 2023 CANCELLED: BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School
December 15, 2023 BIGFI/Finance Seminar with Thomas Philippon, New York University, Stern School of Business (Zoom Seminar)



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