Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI)

Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI) is a Center of Excellence established by the Danish National Research Foundation.

BIGFI Updates

Listen to former PhD student, Theis Ingerslev Jensen, talk about being a PhD student at the Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI).
Video-interview with Anders Trolle: Upcoming Journal of Finance article explores intricate market dynamics, revealing credit and equity interplay's impact on investments.
Listen to Theis Ingerslev Jensen talk about his paper with Lasse Heje Pedersen on Replication Crisis in Finance - soon to be published in Journal of Finance.

The center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI) will seek to generate a fundamentally new understanding of finance based on the rapid increase in available data combined with the revolution in data science and computing power.  The center has a unique opportunity to leverage the synergies of combining leading experts on financial markets with leading experts on economic agents (households and financial institutions) using the broadest data (global market data across asset classes) and the deepest data (complete Danish register data, regulatory data, and proprietary data from two major financial institutions) available anywhere in the world. These synergies are strengthened by the ability to merge these enormous agent-based and market-based data sets.

Using these unique datasets and the unique integration of research capabilities across markets and agents, we intend to create a global hub for research on big data in finance. Our big finance data research will shed new light on financial markets’ role in promoting stability and economic activity, replication crises in finance, the role of financial markets in the green transition, the role of machine learning in finance, households’ obstacles for financial security, and how social networks affect financial markets.

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