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Christina Tvarnø's main research area is private partnering contracts in the Danish construction industry and Danish contract law. She defines the partnering contract as a contract based on trust, corporation, open books, joint utility and incentives between the parties, e.g. the building owner, the architect, the engineer and the constructor. Partnering is a different type of contract compared to the traditional Danish construction contracts based on the contract law in general. Christina has focused her research on the economic influence on the Danish partnering contract, e.g. strategic alliances, optimal contracts, relational norms and social contracts, and Christina has investigated the legal effects of contracting on those economic terms. Christina Tvarnø has also investigated the difference between public private partnering contracts and the private financed PPP contract and the effect from the EU-procurement rules. She is also interested in the research area of harmonization of European Contract Law, Comparative Law and Economics as well as Legal Theory.

Christina describes the benefits of interdisciplinary research at CBS and her research regarding Public Private Partnerships.

Primary research areas
  • Partnering and Strategic Alliances
  • Contract Law: Danish Contract Law, EU Contract Law and International Law
  • EU Law, harmonisation of contract law in the EU in a comparative law and economic perspective
  • Law and Economics: The combination of comparative law and economic models
  • Legal Theory
Administrative tasks
  • Chair Woman of study board, MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Study Programme Director of MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, Legal Method and Law of Contracts, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, Advanced Legal Method and Legal Theory, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, EU law, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, Public law, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, Economics Methodology, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, The Method of Social Science, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course Responsible, Legal and Economics Risk Management in the Shipping Sector, MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law






Curriculum Vitae
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  • Advanced Legal Method and Legal Theory, BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Project 1 and 2
  • Bachelor projects
  • Master theses
  • PhD Supervision
  • Assistant Professors


Selected publications
  • Christina D. Tvarnø, To Bind or not to Bind: It’s in the Contract : Formalizing Collaboration Through Partnering Contracts in the US, British and Danish Construction Industries, Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, 29.3.2016
  • Christina D. Tvarnø & Constance E. Bagley, Promoting "Academic Entrepreneurship" in Europe and the United States : Creating an Intellectual Property Regime to Facilitate the Efficient Transfer of Knowledge from the Lab to the Patient, Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law, Vol. 26, Nr. 1, 2016, s. 1-78
  • Christina D. Tvarnø & Constance Bagley,, Pharmaceutical Public-Private Partnerships: Moving From the Bench to the Bedside. Harvard Business Law Review (HBLR), Vol. 4, Nr. 2, 2014, s. 373-401
  • Christina D. Tvarnø, The Problems for PPPs of Budget Restrictions on Municipal Authorities in Denmark, Public Procurement Law Review, Vol. 2015, Nr. 4, 2015, s. NA118-NA123
  • Christina D. Tvarnø, Law and Regulatory Aspects of Public- Private Partnerships: Contract Law and Public Procurement Law, International Handbook on Public - Private Partnerships. eds Carsten Greve, Graeme Hodge and Anthony Boardman, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2010, pp. 216-235.
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Peter Møgelvang-Hansen; Jane Bolander; Jesper Lau Hansen; Søren Friis Hansen; Marie-Louise Holle; Camilla Hørby Jensen; Bent Ole Gram Mortensen; Sandie Nøhr Nielsen; Hans Viggo Godsk Pedersen; Andrej Savin; Jan Trzaskowski; Christina D. Tvarnø; Grith Skovgaard Ølykke; Kim Østergaard / Commercial and Economic Law in Denmark
Alphen aan den Rijn : Wolters Kluwer 2019, 237 p. (International Encyclopaedia of Laws. Commercial and Economic Law)
Book > peer review
Maria Rasmussen; Ruth Nielsen; Christina D. Tvarnø / From a Fight Against Less Favorable Treatment to Protection of Dignity : Gender Equality Law in Transition – Sexual Harassment as Discrimination.
Paper presented at The Nordic Law and Gender Conference 2019, 2019
Paper > peer review
Christina D. Tvarnø / How Brexit Might Pave the Way for a PPP Directive in the EU : From an Innovative Healthcare Perspective.
Paper presented at The Eighth Annual Conference of the International Public-Private Partnership Scholars Network. IP3SN 2019, 2019
Christina D. Tvarnø; Carsten Greve; Sarah Maria Denta / Offentlige-Private Partnerskaber : I juridisk og politisk perspektiv.
København : Karnov Group 2019, 322 p.
Christina D. Tvarnø; Henriette Schleimann / Partnering Contracts and the inefficient Nash Equilibrium
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [wp] 2019, 17 p. (Copenhagen Business School Law Research Paper Series, No. 19-13)
Working paper
Christina D. Tvarnø; Grith Skovgaard Ølykke / Consistent Interpretation in Denmark
In: The Effectiveness and Application of EU and EEA Law in National Courts: Principles of Consistent Interpretation. . ed. /Christian N.K. Franklin. Cambridge : Intersentia 2018, p. 257-289 (Intersentia Studies on Courts and Judges)
Book chapter > peer review
Ruth Nielsen; Christina D. Tvarnø / Det afviste manuskript II i Ajos-debatten : Skibby Supermarked-sagen versus Ajos-sagen: Hvilken højesteretsdom er udtryk for gældende ret?.
Frederiksberg 2018, 15 p.
Working paper
Christina D. Tvarnø; Sarah Maria Denta / Få styr på metoden : Introduktion til juridisk metode og samfundsvidenskabelig projektmetode.
2.ed.København : Ex Tuto Publishing 2018, 272 p.
Book > peer review
Christina D. Tvarnø; Kim Østergaard / Relationelle aftaler i et markedsperspektiv
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2018, 19 p.
Working paper > peer review
Christina D. Tvarnø / Aftaler og handelsvidenskab : 100 år med aftaleloven og CBS.
In: Erhvervsretlige emner: 1917-2017. . ed. /Vishv Priya Kohli; Peter Arnt Nielsen. København : Djøf Forlag 2017, p. 103-124
Book chapter > peer review
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