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Find students and recent graduates for student jobs, graduate programmes, internships and full-time positions via the job portal CBS CareerGate.


Find the ideal candidate for student positions, graduate programmes, internships and full-time positions by posting a job add free of charge on the job portal CBS CareerGate.  

Many organisations make use of the opportunity to hire a student assistant to help with their daily work. 

Hiring a student from CBS gives your organisation: 

  • Qualified and motivated labor 
  • The opportunity to test the student's qualifications within a particular field of study 
  • Bring in new perspectives on familiar issues 
  • Pre-recruitment prospects among Denmark's best graduates 
  • Access to the latest knowledge from the university world 

By hiring a graduate from CBS, your organisation will have an employee who, for example, is encouraged to:

  • Be result-oriented and take social responsibility 
  • Have an analytical approach, think critically and collaborate constructively 
  • Create growth and take care of the new generation's resources
  • Develop themselves and others by always learning new things and learning from them 
  • Create value locally by collaborating globally 

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Many students have the opportunity to do an internship during their bachelor's programme and graduate's programme. Your organisation will get qualified and motivated labor that wants to convert theory into practice. 

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Read more about the requirements for the various studies  

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