Folketingets hjemmeside

En central kilde til det danske lovforberedende arbejde.

Folketinget (Danish Parliament) home page contents

The parliament home page is the central source of information about Danish legislative material.

Access to::

  • Bills including introductions
  • Committee reports including appendices
  • Summaries of parliament debates
  • Bills passed

Also overall information about parliament work, the Ombudsman, the Auditor General as well as the parliamentary committees.
Access to video recordings of parliamentary sessions.

See the description in Danish for more detailed information about the content


Documents from 2004/05 (1st session) - present.
Older sessions (1985/86 - 2003/04 are available from an online archive identical in structure and design as the previous website.
Pre-1997/98 (1st session): the archive is incomplete.

Access to the online version of Folketingstidende 1953 - present.

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Navigation manual (in Danish only).

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