Det lovforberedende arbejde i folketinget.


Det lovforberedende arbejde i folketinget.

Folketingstidende contents

The official report of the plenary proceedings in the Folketing has been published since Denmark’s first constitution in 1849.

Until 2009, the report was a printed document, but today it is a digital document published online, including retro-digitized documents dating back to 1953. In addition to the official report, you can also find the parliamentary documents of the Folketing.

The database contains bills, including written introductions, white papers, summaries of parliamentary debates, documents, questions, recommendations for the adoption of a proposal, reports, and post - 2nd reading printed bills. The latter are draft copies produced by the parliament administration.

Two ways to access Folketingstidende

  • Folketingstidende since 1953: access to the Danish parliamentary documents since 1953, described above
  • Folketingstidende 1953/54 – 2008/09: In this version called e-Folketingstidende, you can browse the online volumes, print or download individual pages, search into each volume and look up a specific page or column. Unfortunately, you cannot search across volumes and years. Rigsdagsaarbogen (previous title) 1890/91 – 1952/53 is available through the same access.

Other documents from Folketinget
On the website of the Folketing, you can also find documents regarding the legislative preparatory work from 1985 and onwards.
See our description of the contents of Folketingets website

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Folketingstidende facts

Period 2009/10 - present
Geography Denmark
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