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Claus Meyer named adjunct professor at CBS

Over the next five years CBS can look forward to increased collaboration with food entrepreneur Claus Meyer. On Wednesday he will give his inaugural lecture as a new adjunct professor at CBS.


Photo: Claus Meyer Holding A/S

He has an MSc in Business, Language and Culture from CBS. And now he is returning as an adjunct professor. Claus Meyer is one of the driving forces behind the new Nordic cuisine movement and has established himself as one of the country’s most prominent entrepreneurs over the last 30 years.

On Wednesday he will be giving his inaugural lecture as an adjunct professor in sustainable gastronomic entrepreneurship at CBS.

The Department of Organization and the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management are behind the appointment.
- We’re appointing Claus Meyer as an adjunct professor to recognise his outstanding contribution to reconnecting with and rediscovering Nordic food culture, and because he has turned his passion into a sustainable business, says Department Head Dorte Salskov-Iversen, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management.

Lessons that benefit others
Claus Meyer sees the appointment as "a pat on the back from his alma mater” and specifically hopes that the lessons he has learned can be of greater benefit to more people.

- I hope that we can establish a partnership that creates new insights into how to operate as successfully as possible for the community, the company and the individual at the crossroads between traditional entrepreneurship and outright philanthropy. Most of the young people I talk to expect new business models that provide a more balanced conception of value creation. They don’t want to work in either a brutally capitalist context or in a not-for-profit system. And I get what they mean, explains Claus Meyer.

At the lecture, he will share his experience with combining social entrepreneurship, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and business.

In addition to his professional activities, Claus Meyer is an associate professor of food science at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, where he was previously an adjunct professor for five years in the same field.

Read more about registration and the inaugural lecture: ‘Unfolding the socio-economic potential of indigenous food cultures’.

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