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CBS is the interface to formal business partnerships that support CBS’ ongoing contact to and relevance for the business community, the public sector and the plural sector to the benefit of all parties.


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CBS Partners 2020
CBS Partners 2020


In order to cover a wide range of needs, we have developed four different partnership models for different kinds of companies and organisations. The purpose is to allow companies and organisations to reap the benefits of having a structured access to our students, our research and our study programmes:

A Corporate Partnership is an exclusive collaboration with companies and organisations engaging in CBS on several levels, ranging from research to education to career opportunities.

A Collaboration Partnership is for companies that want to establish close ties to with CBS and have a strong need to get in contact with the student talent pool. The cooperation with our Collaboration Partners is a strong, mutual relationship based on tailored solutions.

The intention of a Growth Partnership is to strengthen CBS’ cooperation with small and medium-sized companies as well as promising start-ups. We offer access to CBS’ students and researchers with the aim of creating long-term, mutually rewarding relations.

A Network Partnership is targeted relevant labour unions and unemployment insurance funds which wish to support CBS’ students and new graduates in their transition from studying to the professional employment market.


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Employer Branding

CBS builds bridges between CBS’ students and their future employers. We cooperate with companies on career-related activities to better prepare our students for their future careers. At the same time, we give companies the opportunity to brand themselves on campus and get in touch with our students.

We offer a wide range of recruitment and employer branding products, including participation in our biannual Career Fair, company events hosted at CBS or the company itself, logo-exposure in CBS’ lecture halls, campus stalls and much more.

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