The conference interpretation programme is revived

-CBS’ conference interpretation programme re-launched on 1 November 2009


CBS’ conference interpretation programme re-launched on 1 November 2009

What to do when faced with the challenges of the EU presidency, and the number of interpreters is negligible? The Danish presidency calls for more qualified interpreters, mainly because presidents and delegates have to be able to speak and listen to their native language at the meetings. At this stage, there are not enough conference interpreters who speak Danish in Brussels, but the conference interpretation programme at CBS will definitely change that. Associate Professor Inge Baaring will be in charge of the programme:

- It is very exciting to be granted the opportunity to start this programme again and it has already attracted a great deal of interest. The programme, which entitles its graduates to use the title European Master in Conference Interpreting, increases the chance of obtaining a job in the EU, which is a popular place to work. The graduated interpreters will also be in great demand, explains Inge Baaring.

Programme funding

The programme is full-time, however, it is not approved for state education grants. It must be financed partly by tuition fees. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU have allocated funds for the programme, which should help reduce the tuition fees.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish interpretation service in Brussels have assessed that there are not enough interpreters in the EU and have chosen to contact CBS. It was an offer I definitely could not refuse, and I am looking very much forward to working with this project, says Inge Baaring.

Interpretation programme facts:

Deadline for applications: 21 August 2009

Admission tests are performed 7-18 September

The participant’s fee is DKK 20,000 for the whole programme

Applicants must hold a master’s degree and have passed the admission test

Contact: Associate Professor Inge Baaring, tel.: +45 3815 3259, E-mail:

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