Students turn patents into business

Students from CBS and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has formed a partnership to create growth. The students from DTU will invent and be responsible for manufacturing, and the CBS students will develop the business plan


It is one thing to develop sophisticated technology and patent the idea - something that the students at DTU are very good at - but how it that transformed into business? This year, students who have chosen the elective "Company formation and entrepreneurship", will be given a genuine patent to work with, says Louise Harder, Associate Professor and facilitator of the partnership:

- The patents from DTU must be the focus of the CBS students' business plans. The partnership is not only going to result in market maturation and a business plan. It is also the students' bachelor project. The patents are the key to job creation, and our students have to learn how to develop them. That is our vision, says Louise Harder from CBS.
The patents come from researchers at DTU. The researchers will also be acting as mentors. The researchers will remain the patent owners and receive business and product plans when BSc students finish their bachelor projects.

More B2B in the business plans
One of the patents, which will turn into a business plan, is related to a reactor that transforms biomass into fuel. Another one concerns street lights that do not blind motorists.
- The students from DTU are responsible for the production process - how the product takes shape. The CBS students are responsible for making the product viable by finding markets, needs, value and meaning with the customers. The elective focuses on B2B. The students will follow in the footsteps of the technology adventure of large companies. They want to work interdisciplinarily and create growth, says Louise Harder.

CBS finds the market
At DTU, the students also work with the commercialisation of technological products during their studies, but during this course they have to take a step back and use their profound competences, says Jacob Axel Bejbro Andersen, PhD student at DTU and lecturer on the course "Innovation in product development":
- We want to create engineers who understand what it takes to turn a product into a success - including what characterises a strong business model. At the same time, we do not wish to undermine the heavy engineering expertise that characterise the DTU students. To us, this partnership with CBS is the perfect opportunity to create an interdisciplinary insight for the DTU students and still let them stay focused on the engineering tasks. Oppositely, the students from CBS gain a good insight into the technological dimensions of a business without having to become technical specialists, he says.

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