International educations are in increasing demand

Article from Børsen Master about MBA


Top MBA suppliers are partnering across and beyond the country´s borders in order to meet students and companies increasing demand to educate students to work internationally.

»I agree completely that it is mandatory to cooperate with other internationally-oriented schools,« says Per Guldbrandsen, Director for Executive Educations at Copenhagen Business Schools.

At CBS, education of the fulltime MBA class is done in English and over 80% of the current student body comes from 15 countries.

»Our forte is Scandinavian leadership. In the Nordic countries, traditionally there are few hierarchies and a short distance to the power structure within an organization. We excel in information sharing and well-functioning teams. Within these areas, we are some of the best in the world and many of the students come here for that reason, «explains Per Guldbrandsen.

One of CBS´ Executive educations offers students the possibility of taking their MBA at 3 different business schools (Denmark, Germany and Spain) which is quite popular.

»The tendency is clear. The world is opening up and there is increasing interest from the students to ensure that they can compete, and eventually work, worldwide, « adds Per Guldbrandsen.

Lisbeth Nedergaard, Børsen Master, 7. September 2007, p. 24

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