Entrepreneurship courses popular among students

- CBS has the largest provision of courses within entrepreneurship and innovation


CBS has the largest provision of courses

A recent survey from Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy shows that the number of students taking entrepreneurship and innovation courses has increased by 50 percent at the universities in the Øresund Region from 2007 to 2008.

During the summer and autumn of 2008, the number of courses offered at CBS has risen significantly compared to 2007 and other universities.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

In the past years, CBS has shown a lot of interest in this particular area and concentrated all entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives and activities at CBS under one umbrella, the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship.

The entire Øresund Region has experienced an increase of 23 percent in the number of courses offered.

- It is really elevating that so many students choose to take a course in entrepreneurship. We feel quite optimistic when young people see the opportunities in a career as an entrepreneur or an innovative employee, says Managing Director Christian Vintergaard, Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy.

It is the aim of Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy that in 2015, 15 per cent of the students sign up for classes with an entrepreneurship element during their studies.

Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy

An organisation under Øresund University. The Academy was established in September 2006, and the objective is to provide a breeding ground for more growth and entrepreneurship in the Øresund Region as well as in Denmark and Sweden.

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