Funding for a Study On Mindfulness and Compulsive Consumption


A Mindfulness and Compulsive Consumption Study Gets Funding  

Two grants have supported a joint research project between Professor Cristiane Pizzutti from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and Ph.D. fellow Leticia Vedolin and Associate Professor Jesper Clement from the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School.

The research project takes its point of departure in a pilot study made by the Decision Neuroscience Research Cluster at Department of Marketing, a study that shows that humans have more visual attention on objects that are attractive. This type of visual attention also has been found for unhealthy food products across age, gender, and, not least, respondents’ indicated desire to live healthy. The aim of the joint research project is to gain insights into the relationship between consumers' visual attention and the effects of mindfulness on the intention to purchase unhealthy food.

The joint research research project has been financially supported by Otte Mønsteds Fond and Aase og Ejnar Danielsens Fond, and has a total budget of around DKK 500,000. 



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