The CBS Public-Private Platform is delighted to announce that the CBS Leadership Collaboratory has become a fully-fledged part of the Platform. Its first major event, an Action Research Workshop with the Danish Red Cross,  takes place at CBS on 13th May .

Friday, May 13, 2016 - 09:00 to 17:00

Cross-Sector Collaboration and Leadership on

Refugee Issues in Denmark Danish Red Cross and CBS inv ite you to an action research workshop about cross-sector partnerships on refugee issues in Danmark. Participants in this workshop will explore how torender the recommendations and guidelines contained in the Cross-Sector Partnership Guideline ( relevant and actionable in the context of Danish Red Cross efforts to meet challenges related to displacement and integration in Denmark. The working groups will leverage different perspectives and tools from the guideline to delve into cases about Danish Red Cross partnerships with Novo Nordisk, ISS, and KMD.

During the workshop we will share knowledge and best practices generated by successful partnerships between the Danish Red Cross and private sector organisations, and focus on how to develop new opportunities for more such collaboration into the future, with a specific focus on partnerships that support the Danish Red Cross’s mission with respect to refugees and integration in Denmark. Toward this end the workshop will bring together relevant Danish Red Cross staff and leadership, representatives from current private sector partner organisations, representatives from potential private sector partner organisations, and faculty from the Copenhagen Business School.



9:00-9:30: Introduction, Review of Not Business As Usual and the Cross-Sectore Partnership Guideline. (Red Cross and CBS) 
9:30-10:00: Research Perspectives on cross-Sector Partnerships. (CBS Faculty and Guests)
10:00-12:00: Small working group sessions: opportunities and constraints in three case studies of partnerships between the Danish Red Cross and the private sector in Denmark.
12:00-12:30: Lunch
12:30-14:00: The working groups will share and integrate key insights on the case studies they covered, agree on action steps for interpreting the Cross-Sector Partnership Guideline in the context of refugee and integration efforts in Denmark
14:00-16:00: Meeting with Danish Red Cross and partner company leadership to share recommended actions steps and discuss leadership challenges
16:00-17:00: Reception

We look forward to seeing you!
Best Regards,

Lotte Lavigne Elbirk & Simone Kofoed Clausen, Danish Red Cross

Eric Guthey, the Leadership Collaboratory at the Copenhagen Business School

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