CBS Green Week

Today is the first day of CBS Green Week. Join in!



CBS Green Week is one of the biggest student-led initiatives at Copenhagen Business School. It is oikos Copenhagen’s flagship event and CBS is patron of the project.

The 3-4 day event hosted at CBS attracts more than 1000 students annually and features dozens of participating guests. Green Week significantly contributes to engaging, raising awareness, and inspiring students about the socio-economic ecosystem of sustainability and social responsibility.

Providing a platform where people can learn, share and discuss sustainability, this project gathers various stakeholders such as high-profile actors from different fields, companies, academia, cities, non-profit organisations, and students in an energising environment.

Since its creation, Green Week has been a collection of events over a few days, similarly to a sustainability festival. Our teams have organised conferences, panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, simulation games, movie screenings, clothing swaps, food tastings, networking events, and much more.

Go check out the programme!

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