Event on Sustainability


Event on Sustainability

The Department of Marketing attributes great importance to its interactions and collaborations with businesses and wider society. Thus, we work actively and creatively to integrate business and society stakeholders into our research and teaching activities, which ultimately can ensure knowledge exchanges and the delivery of societal value.

More in particular, we identify businesses and wider society as key recipients of our research and teaching, but we also aim to make managers and citizens active co-creators of our research and teaching. This transformative approach reconceives of knowledge transfer as a reciprocal process, in which practitioners and citizens are co-creators of knowledge (not just consumers, as traditionally conceptualized). 

The first in a series of seminars dealing with grand challenges that society faces, the Department yesterday hosted a seminar on sustainability. This seminar was broad-based, where views from different actors in the society (i.e., industry, retailer, consumer policy actor, and researchers) met, and where we mutually inspired each other.

After CBS' president Nikolaj Malchow-Møller's welcome, our guests offered their perspectives on sustainability:

Jeremy Moon (CBS) moderated the subsequent panel debate where also Anne Toldbod Jakobsen (CBS) and Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen (Lund University) participated.

Thank you many times to all participant for taking time out of busy schedules to participate in this event.

See you at next year's event!

Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 25/01/2024