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The first day at CBS for new students is once again characterized by responsibility. In the pipeline is an assignment about Danish chef Claus Meyer's business to give them an experience of the importance of responsibility from day one.


New students' first day at CBS is called Responsibility Day. This day is packed with information about their respective courses, and Per Holten-Andersen, President of CBS, will drop by to say welcome. On this day the students will also be given their very first assignment, the CBS Responsibility Day Case Challenge, which will provide them with insight into a company that is based on responsibility.

According to Jan Molin, Dean of Education at CBS, responsibility is a core value at CBS and is essential to implant with the students at an early stage.

- At CBS we believe that the attitudes and behaviour you develop along your student career signify the values and norms that will influence future societal conditions.  Thus it is important to focus on responsibility from day one, he says.
The new students will be welcomed by President Per Holten-Andersen and watch a panel debate between students and senior management at CBS.

A responsible restaurant owner
The Responsibility Day Case Challenge is about Claus Meyer's company. The students will discuss it among themselves and with a lecturer during the morning. Claus Meyer himself and Steen Halbye, CEO of Meyer Holding, will end the day with a presentation.

Based on two questions, the assignment lets the students come up with suggestions and ideas for Claus Meyer's company. The objective of the assignment is to make the students reflect on how a company can grow and have a responsible profile at the same time.  

- The case challenges our students to reflect upon issues of responsible management and the complexity of doing business, says Jan Molin.

Influence on Claus Meyer Holding
In the days after Responsibility Day, the students will be able to visit the so-called Case Lounge and get feedback on their ideas and proposals from their tutors. The groups will submit their answers on 5 September. The three best answers will be presented to a jury on 11 September.

The best answers will be rewarded with a prize, however, they will also be forwarded to Claus Meyer. In this way new CBS students will be able to influence Meyer's company with their first assignment.

Responsible managers
Responsibility Day is an initiative launched by CBS, who have signed the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) - a collaboration between the UN and business schools that promotes responsible management.

It is the sixth year in a row that the students' first day at CBS is called Responsibility Day. Companies such as KPMG, Danske Bank and Hummel have been case companies in the past years. The theme is just as important as it was six years ago.

- Responsibility has definitely not lost its meaning.  Responsibility conveys the idea that we all contribute to a sustainable and attractive world by the choices we make.  By continually discussing the different interpretations of responsibility and responsible management we hopefully end up with more able and reflective graduates who care for the surrounding society, says Jan Molin.

Responsibility Day is held at Solbjerg Plads 3 from 9:30-15:00.

The event and the case is in English

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