Foundation pays travel expenses for Ukrainian summer students

25 Ukrainian students have been granted the opportunity to go to Copenhagen and study for six weeks at CBS Summer University.


Studerende på CBS

The Otto Mønsted Foundation has recently donated a good 316,000 kroner to cover the expenses for airfare and dorm rooms for 25 Ukrainian students, who will then be able to attend CBS Summer University for free as CBS has offered to pay for the teaching.

”We are pleased that the Otto Mønsted Foundation is willing to pay for travel and accommodation while the Ukrainian students study at CBS Summer University. According to law, CBS is not allowed to pay for the students’ living expenses while studying in Denmark, and as things are now, we cannot expect them to pay for themselves”, says Anna Thomasson, Dean of Education at CBS.

Already last year, CBS offered Ukrainian students to study for free at CBS Summer University, however, at that time the notice was relatively short, and only three students were able to join.

”Like many others, we have thought about how to help Ukraine in the best possible way. We have spoken to the Ukrainian ambassador and the union of rectors in Ukraine, and according to them, short study stays would be valuable. It is also about minimising the risk of brain drain, as qualified young people are in popular demand in Ukraine,” says Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, who, in his capacity as president of CBS, has entered into an agreement with V.N. Kharkiv National University.    

Agreement with university

The universities have agreed that 25 Ukrainian students will be enrolled in CBS Summer University this year. The university, which includes a large business school, is one of the oldest and most well-reputed in Ukraine. It is close to the Russian border in an area that has been under heavy bombardment.

”This invitation supports the Ukrainian university’s own vision to keep teaching activities going despite the difficult conditions and to maintain some normalcy for the students”, says Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.

AT CBS Summer University, the students can choose between 50 different courses at bachelor and master level. The students will earn 15 ECTS during their stay and will gain a significant amount of academic input.

The Ukrainian students will join the social events with the other students and will thus have an academic summer experience on equal terms with other young students. 

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