DSEB and CBS award prizes to staff and students


There will be trophies, prizes, and an honorary alumni award on 24 October at the CBS Prize Winners' Reception, where The Danish Society for Education and Business and CBS give prizes to students and staff at CBS. Students nominate students, staff nominate staff, and everybody is welcome at the award ceremony.


It is a rainy morning, the bicycle ride to CBS seems extremely long, the coffee maker is broken, and you have put the wrong papers in your bag. On days like these you might meet a fellow student who will turn your day around or one of those lecturers who can turn a lecture into a fantastic experience.

- At CBS we strive for excellence and this is an incentive for academic staff, administrative staff and students. Every year we appreciate and thank those of our colleagues that have excelled within their field, says Per Holten-Andersen.

Staff and students nominate
DSEB (the former FUHU) and CBS encourage both student and staff at CBS to nominate colleagues and fellow students who stand out in the crowd.
Students can nominate other students who are particularly committed to extracurricular student activities. CBS' academic staff is encouraged to nominate peers who are or have been committed to excellent and innovative research. Administrative staff may nominate colleagues for a special effort or commitment or new solutions.
Everyone at CBS may nominate until 29 September. A jury will then review the nominations and point out the winners.

Grand award ceremony
The recipients will be announced at the CBS Prize Winners' Reception on 24 October, where everyone is invited to the award ceremony. The event will take place at the Kiln Hall at 13:00-14:30. Per Holten-Andersen, CBS President, and Andreas Rasche, Professor at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, will give speeches.
Birgit Aagard-Svendsen, Chairman of DSEB, will present the prizes of the organisation, and Per Holten-Andersen will then present the CBS prizes. Last, but not least, an honorary alumni award will be presented. The reception starts at 14:30.
- The CBS Prize Winners’ Reception is an acknowledgement of students and staff who make CBS a better place to work and study. I look forward to reading the many nominations - and celebrating the winners at the award ceremony, says Per Holten-Andersen.

The prizes
The following prizes will be presented at the CBS Prize Winners’ Reception:

The DSEB Research Dissemination Prize is awarded to a researcher/research group that has carried out exemplary and innovative research dissemination in the course of 2013. Two awards worth DKK 50,000 are presented.

The DSEB Research Prize is awarded to a researcher/research group for research whose quality is documented through publication in reputable media or has demonstrated value from use in practice. Two awards worth DKK 50,000 are presented.

The DSEB Education Prize is awarded to a person from the permanent academic staff at CBS for extraordinary contributions to teaching. Two awards worth DKK 50,000 are presented.

The CBS Administration Prize for outstanding administration in 2013 to either one or a group of administrators. Two awards worth DKK 25,000 are presented.

The CBS Student Prize to a student who have initiated or played an active role in extracurricular student activities. Three awards worth DKK 20,000 are presented.

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