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Campus is closed up to and including 13 April

The Danish government has extended the lockdown of all educational institutions and all students have to stay home to minimize the spreading of the corona virus. CBS campus is closed through to Monday 13 April until further notice. 

Read the press release from the government (in Danish)

Recall of students and staff
Yesterday evening the Ministry of Higher Education and Research asked the universities to recall students and staff from abroad following recommendations from the Foreign Ministry. If staff or students, however, are permanently residing abroad, they are advised to stay abroad.

As of today, the Danish borders will be closed. Only Danish citizens or travelers with a creditable purpose will be let in, both work and study are defined as creditable purposes.
Read the Foreign Ministry’s recommendation here.

11 March 2020, 23:30

CBS closes campus

On Wednesday evening the Danish government issued a physical lockdown of all educational institutions in the country to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. Consequently, all students are to stay home as CBS’ campus will close down immediately and stay closed from Thursday morning 12 March - Friday 27 March until further notice. CBS’ research and teaching activities will continue online to the greatest possible extent. All students and employees must check their e-mails for more information and stay updated on and CBSShare.

Please also read the press release from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (press release in Danish)

11 March 2020, 14:20

Another student has been tested and diagnosed with COVID-19 and has been placed in home quarantine. This brings the total of cases of coronavirus among CBS students to three.

In connection with the latest case, the Danish Patient Safety Authority has asked all students who are in the same class as the contaminated student to self-quarantine at home as a precaution. In total, that class comprises 104 students, and they have all been contacted by email.

Teaching and research activities will commence at CBS to the extent possible, and we are gradually arranging for online-based teaching. We urge everyone to follow the official guidelines on hygiene and conduct as recommended by the authorities. CBS students who have questions may write to

11 March 2020

CBS continues to encourage staff and students to follow all recommendations from the Danish health authorities. Currently, CBS is working to prevent the transmission of disease while offering teaching online wherever possible.

In addition, CBS has initiated the following:

  • Teaching activities with more than 200 students will from Wednesday 11 March take place online. In fact, a larger part of CBS' teaching activities will gradually take place online. We will begin with the largest classroom teaching activities and continue with the small classrooms.
  • In some cases, teaching activities with less than 200 students will be moved to larger classrooms in order to increase the distance between the students.
  • Only every other study seat at CBS’ libraries can be used and booked.
  • The CBS Annual Celebration 2020 scheduled for 20 March has been cancelled and student events at Nexus every Thursday (torsdagsbar) have been cancelled until the end of March.
  • Business trips and study trips are suspended. In exceptional cases, such trips can be carried out and booked if they are business critical. The same conditions will apply to visits from abroad.
  • In principle, all events will be cancelled, however, in exceptional cases business critical events can be carried out. No events whatsoever will be carried out in the common areas. Please note that the above mentioned events do not include teaching activities.

Kind regards,
University Director Kirsten Winther Jørgensen

9 March 2020

In the weekend CBS has been contacted by two students who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from skiing trips to Northern Italy. Therefore CBS has contacted the Danish health authorities (the Danish Patient Safety Authority) who have taken the necessary precautions. The individuals who have been in contact with the students on campus have been identified and as a result three individuals from CBS have been placed in precautionary quarantine at home.

The health authorities have informed us that CBS should take no further action in relation to these two specific cases of COVID-19, however, CBS will continue to follow the development of the coronavirus in Denmark closely and comply with the recommendations of the authorities. This also means that activities at CBS are subject to change.

We still recommend that everyone follow the guidelines from the health authorities and stay updated on (mostly in Danish).

We also encourage that staff stay updated on CBSShare and students on which is updated continuously.

Kind regards,
University Director Kirsten Winther Jørgensen

6 March 2020
On Friday 6 March, the Danish Health Authority has made further recommendations regarding the coronavirus. In its latest update, The Danish Health Authority has elevated its risk assessment from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’

For this reason, the Danish authorities recommend cancellation or postponement of events hosting more than 1000 participants. In addition, events with fewer participants must have informative signage with hygiene advice, access to proper hygiene (sanitizer/wet tissues) and the possibility of keeping one’s distance. CBS has decided that these recommendations must be followed.

You can help prevent infection, protect yourself and others by:

  • Keeping good hand hygiene; wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer
  • Coughing or sneezing into your sleeve – not your hands
  • Avoiding shaking hands, kissing on the cheek and hugging – limit physical contact
  • Being attentive to cleaning – at home and in the workplace
  • Being attentive in places with many people

CBS is currently mapping its own activities in relation to the latest recommendation on events and kindly asks employees and students at CBS to follow the above guidelines.

Yesterday evening, the Danish Health Authority has increased preparedness and made further recommendations regarding the coronavirus. The Danish authorities now recommend that everyone who has arrived in Denmark after 2 March 2020 from a country with widespread transmission of the coronavirus stay home for 14 days after arriving. 

Currently, these countries include China (excl. Hong Kong), South Korea (the province Gyeongbuk and the city Daegu), Iran and Italy (the regions Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piemonte, Veneto).

All students and employees at CBS must follow these recommendations.

Denmark has now seen more cases of the coronavirus. CBS follows the instructions of the Danish Health Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CBS will continue teaching and other on-campus activities as usual. As of today there will be posters on campus with information about prevention and extra hand sanitizers.

CBS follows any developments closely and will post changes and updates on CBSShare, and

CBS is monitoring the situation in Asia and elsewhere closely. The safety of our students is our top priority. We fully understand that our students and their relatives may be worried about the possibility that the coronavirus may influence their current or future exchange semester.

In situations like this, CBS always follows the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guidelines, and updates from the Danish Health Authorities. Additionally, CBS is in close contact and dialogue with our trusted partner institutions in the affected areas.

Students are at all times encouraged to follow the advice, travel information and any travel restrictions from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Health Authorities, local health authorities and partner institution guidelines.

You can find the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guidelines here (in Danish)

You can find Q&A and guidelines from the Danish Health Authorities here:
In Danish and in English

CBS will inform all students directly if any immediate action is needed, and will inform parents indirectly via

Currently (12 February 2020), only exchange at Chinese universities is affected and paused by the coronavirus.

Students in the International Business Asia programme are offered an alternative spring semester at the campus in Frederiksberg and not in Beijing, expected to start on 1 March 2020. The International Office will do its utmost to accommodate the opportunity for a later exchange semester in China for those interested.
For more information on the coronavirus and exchange, please contact Director of the International Office Niels Henrik Larsen:


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