The Middle East conflict – find an expert

The Middle East conflict has the potential to spread, and container ships have come under fire. This situation could affect the security of supply and trade policy in the world. CBS has compiled a list of experts available to provide insights and perspectives:



Supply Chain Management, stock and production management, outsourcing and repatriation of production:
Kim Sundtoft Hald,
Professor MSO,  
Tel: 3815 2920, email:    

Supply chains, supply chain resilience, corporate risk management:
Andreas Wieland,
Tel: 3815 2380, email:    

Global value chains
Stine Haakonsson,
Tel: 3815 3124, email:    

Supply chains  
Peter Lund-Thomsen  
Professor, MSO  
Tel:  3815 3192, email:    

The corporate role in conflict zones, the UN’s role
Andreas Rasche,
Tel: 3815 5701, email: (English, German)    

Role of legislation, courts and legal advisers in international politics, conflict resolution
Maj Grasten,
Tel: 3154 0072, email:    

The rule of law and international economic law
Henrik Andersen,
Tel:3815 2632, email:    

Global business in general
Kristin Brandl,
Tel: 3880 2307, email:    

Global and European political economy:
Poul Fritz Kjær,
Tel: 3815 4281, email:  

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