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susanna kugelberg

I am interested in understanding public actors’ capacity for accelerating the green transition. My research is contextualized around innovation projects in the energy sector. I am focusing on mega energy projects, energy communities and social energy innovations in the Nordics. I am interested in understanding the role of public actor and their specific resources and abilities to govern these projects. Moreover, I am interested in understanding how public actors enable coordination in multi-level governance projects and the tools, instruments and analytical assessments applied to ensure directionality and reflexivity.
I have a MSc in Political Science from Lund’s University and a PhD in Public Health Nutrition from Karolinska Institute. Before joining CBS, I worked many years with the WHO to support governments on public health and sustainable food systems objectives.
Here at CBS, I am part of the CAPACITOR project, led by prof. Susana Borrás. CACPACITOR is a project about understanding public actors’ capacity for the green transition in the energy and maritime sector.

Primary research areas
  • Transition theory
  • Innovation policy
  • Policy analysis
  • Public administration
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Selected publications
  • 2021.  Kugelberg, et al. ’Implications of a food system approach for policy agenda-setting design’, Glob. Food Secur.,  28, p. 100451,
  • 2020. Leip, A., Bodirsky, B. L. & Kugelberg, S. ‘The role of nitrogen in achieving sustainable food systems for healthy diets’. Glob. Food Secur.
  • 2020. Kanter, D.R., Bartolini, F., Kugelberg, S. et al. ‘Nitrogen pollution policy beyond the farm.’ Nature Food 1, 27– 32 (2020).
  • 2020. Temme, E.H.M.; Vellinga, R.E.; de Ruiter, H.; Kugelberg, S et al. ‘Demand-Side Food Policies for Public and Planetary Health’. Sustainability ,
  • 2018. Lada Timotijevic, Marcela Acuna-Rivera, Raymond Gemen, Susanna Kugelberg, Kate McBarron, Monique M. Raats, Maria Zolotonosa Adolescents’ Perspectives on Personal and Societal Responsibility for Childhood Obesity — The Study of Beliefs through ‘Serious’ Game (PlayDecide), Children & Society,
Publications sorted by:
Susanna Kugelberg; Fabio Bartolini / Smart Food Policy as a Response to a New Sustainable Food System Agenda
In: Smart Food Industry: The Blockchain for Sustainable Engineering. Volume II - Current Status, Future Foods, and Global Issues. . ed. /Eduardo Jacob-Lopes; Leila Queiroz Zepka; Mariany Costa Deprá. Boca Raton FL : CRC Press 2024, p. 211-217
Book chapter > peer review
Adrian Leip; Jan Wollgast; Susanna Kugelberg; João Costa Leite; Rob J.M. Maas; Kate E. Mason; Mark A. Sutton / Appetite for Change : Food System Options for Nitrogen, Environment & Health.
Edinburgh : UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 2023, 141 p. (European Nitrogen Assessment Special Report on Nitrogen & Food, Vol. 2)
Susanna Kugelberg; João Costa Leite; Alberto Sanz-Cobeña; Ivanka Puigdueta / Governing a Transition Towards a Sustainable Food System
In: Appetite for Change: Food System Options for Nitrogen, Environment & Health. . ed. /Adrian Leip; Jan Wollgast; Susanna Kugelberg; João Costa Leite; Rob J.M. Maas; Kate E. Mason; Mark A. Sutton. Edinburgh : UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 2023, p. 82-89 (European Nitrogen Assessment Special Report on Nitrogen & Food, Vol. 2)
Report chapter
Susana Borrás; Stine Haakonsson; René Taudal Poulsen; Trine Pallesen; Christian Hendriksen; Lucas Somavilla; Susanna Kugelberg; Henrik Larsen; Francesco Gerli / The Transformative Capacity of Public Sector Organizations in Sustainability Transitions : A Conceptualization.
Lund : Lund University 2023, 47 p. (Papers in Innovation Studies, No. 2023/02)
Working paper
Susanna Kugelberg; Susana Borrás / Timing the Climate Transition in Sweden : A Company’s Green Innovation Journey towards Negative Emissions: Teaching Case Study.
Lund : Lund University 2023, 20 p. (Papers in Innovation Studies, No. 2023/07)
Working paper
Navroz K. Dubash; Catherine Mitchell; Elin Lerum Boasson; Mercy J. Borbor Córdova; Solomone Fifita; Erik Haites; Mark Jaccard; Frank Jotzo; Sasha Naidoo; Patricia Romero-Lankao; Mykola Shlapak; Wei Shen; Libo Wu; Marianne Aasen; Igor Bashmakov; Parth Bhatia; Paolo Bertoldi; Max Boykoff; Jessica Britton; Sarah Burch; Charlotte Burns; Mercedes Bustamante; Vanesa Castán Broto; Basia Cieszewska; Michael Craig; Stephane de la Rue du Can; Manfred Fischedick; Dana R. Fisher; Amit Garg; Oliver Geden; Robert Germeshausen; Niklas Höhne; Angel Hsu; Sebastien Jodoin; Gabriela Iacobuta; Siir Kilkis; Susanna Kugelberg; Matthew Lockwood; Andreas Loeschel; Cheikh Mbow; Brendan Moore; Yacob Mulugetta; Gert-Jan Nabuurs; Gregory Nemet; Vinnet Ndlovu; Peter Newman; Lars J. Nilsson; Karachepone Ninan; Grzegorz Peszko; Marina Povitkina; Wang Pu; Simone Pulver; Karoline Rogge; Joana Setzer; Jale Tosun / National and Sub-national Policies and Institutions
In: Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change. Contribution of Working Group III to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2022
Report chapter > peer review
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