Department of Organization

Elisabeth Naima
Associate professor

Room: KIL/14.A-3.56
E-mail: enm.ioa@cbs.dk

My research focuses on exploring two major research themes: A major theme is work relationships within and between organizations, particularly everyday conflict between different professional groups. I have a particular interest in how meaning and action interact in processes of conflict handling in surface and subsurface domains of working life when people meet in social interaction.

Another major theme concerns emotionality in organisations where I use primarily ethnographic research designs to observe and inquire beyond the surface of organisations and individual experiences of organising. My work looks at a wide range of settings including health care, correctional institutions, nonprofit organisations, retail, and financial institutions. In a new research project, I explore the organizing of police encounters with victims of crime.

Primary research areas
Work relationships and conflict in organizations
Emotions in organizations
Organizational sensemaking
Systems psychodynamics
Organizational power and politics 
Qualitative methods


Administrative tasks

Study Director of the BSc and MSc programmes in Business Administration and Psychology

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Personlighedspsykologi, HA(psyk) (BSc in Business Administration and Psychology)
Academic Internship, Cand.merc.(psyk) (MSc in Business Administration and Psychology)
Organisationspsykologi og Konflikthåndtering (Master of Public Governance)

Master thesis supervision

PhD supervision

Selected publications

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen, Barbara Gray & Anne Petersen (2020 online first). Unconscious processes of organizing: Intergroup conflict in mental health care. Journal of Management Studies special issue: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl Weick’s The Social Psychology of Organizing.

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen & Didde Maria Humle (2020 online first). Dynamics of overt and covert conflict in organizations: The power of organizational identity. Group and Organization Management.

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen & Randi Wåhlin (2020). Dominant, hidden and forbidden sense-making: the politics of ideology and emotions in diversity management. Organization, Vol. 27(4): 557-577.

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen & Stewart Clegg (2019). Conceptions of conflict in organizational conflict research: towards critical reflexivity, Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 28(2): 166-179.


Publications sorted by:
Signe Bruskin; Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen / Anticipating the End : Exploring Future-oriented Sensemaking of Change through Metaphors.
In: Journal of Organizational Change Management, 21.7.2020
Journal article > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Randi Wåhlin / Dominant, Hidden and Forbidden Sensemaking : The Politics of Ideology and Emotions in Diversity Management.
In: Organization, Vol. 27, No. 4, 7.2020, p. 557-577
Journal article > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Didde Maria Humle / Dynamics of Overt and Covert Conflict in Organizations : The Power of Organizational Identity.
In: Group & Organization Management, 23.9.2020
Journal article > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Barbara Gray; Anne Petersen / Unconscious Processes of Organizing: Intergroup Conflict in Mental Health Care
In: Journal of Management Studies, 18.7.2020
Journal article > peer review
Mette Mogensen; Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen / What Makes Resilience? : An Ethnographic Study of the Work of Prison Officers.
In: The Routledge Companion to Anthropology and Business. ed. /Raza Mir; Anne-Laure Fayard. New York : Routledge 2020, p. 295-315 (Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Marketing)
Book chapter > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Stewart Clegg / Conceptions of Conflict in Organizational Conflict Research : Toward Critical Reflexivity.
In: Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 28, No. 2, 4.2019, p. 166-179
Journal article > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Stewart Clegg / Managing Conflict
In: Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice. . ed. /Stewart R. Clegg; Martin Kornberger; Tyrone S. Pitsis; Matt Mount. London : SAGE Publications 2019, p. 221-252
Book chapter
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Anne Petersen; Anne Reff Pedersen; Barbara Gray / A Process Perspective on Inter-organizational Conflict : Splitting at Work in Mental Health Care.
Paper presented at 13th Organization Studies Workshop , 2018
Paper > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen / Finding Satisfaction in Dirty Work : Building Positive Resources in Prison Work.
Paper presented at The 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018, 2018
Paper > peer review
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen; Steward Clegg / Unpacking the Meaning of Conflict in Organizational Conflict Research
In: Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Vol. 11, No. 3, 8.2018, p. 185-203
Journal article > peer review
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