Department of Organization

Martinus Hauge
External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

Amalie is a researcher at VIVE - The Danish Centre for Social Science Research. Since 2010, Amalie has worked with healthcare organization and management. First as a project manager in the Danish Health Institute, then as a PhD at Centre for Health Management at CBS and now in VIVE's department of health. Amalie teaches public change management at MPG.

Professional and/or academic experience

Amalie's primary research interest is the micropractices of health care priority setting and decision making. Amalie studies professionals' work of making patient trajectories that traverse and connect medical specialties, healthcare sectors and stages of life and death. Amalie has studied cancer investigation, treatment and pallitative care, and her current projects focus on personalized medicine and end-of-life decision-making.


Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I supervise qualitative projects in the fields of healthcare management and organization.

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