September 18th, CASPRO’s researcher Peter Holm Jacobsen - a closed seminar discussing on-boarding

In the afternoon of September 18th CASPRO’s researcher Peter Holm Jacobsen hosted a closed seminar discussing on-boarding. The context was Peter’s own observations relating to Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland (New North Zealand Hospital), and their experiences with the on-boarding


A lot of interesting perspectives were raised, and in particular the challenge of creating a ‘core’ of people around the project, when professional continually are transferred between and within organization, aroused attention.

Later, four other CASPRO researchers - Kjell Tryggestad and Tim Neerup Themsen, Sofia Pemsel and Chris Harty - presented their research on megaprojects for the invited practitioners.

Perter Holm Jacobsen is currently looking for further funding to continue his research on the project

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