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david howoldt

David Howoldt at the OECD for a Research Visit

In the Fall of 2019, RIO PhD Fellow David Howoldt spent four months as a guest researcher at the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Division at the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Paris. During his stay, David joined the OECD team working on the STIP Compass, an initiative by the European Commission and the OECD to collect quantitative and qualitative data on national trends in STI policy. He primarily worked on the data analysis for this current flagship project in the influential OECD STI Directorate.

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phd course december 2019

RIO group organizes a PhD course on problem-oriented innovation policy 
This course focuses on some of the key organizational dynamics of problem-oriented innovation policy. Societies and economies are today confronted to a series of economic challenges like sustainable economic growth, job-creation, and competitiveness, as well as challenges that have to do with broad social issues like poverty, ageing societies, deforestation, neglected diseases, or climate change. Several countries have started to introduce elements of problem-oriented approach into the formulation and implementation of their research and innovation policies. However, we still lack a proper framework to analyze such trends and dynamics, as well as to understand the transformative capacity and organizational dilemmas associated to such policy initiatives. This course aims at presenting and discussing the newest and most relevant theoretical, conceptual and analytical frameworks to study such fundamental policy approach and the organizational dynamics associated to it. 

Teachers of the course: Charles Edquist, Alan Irwin, Susana Borras, Signe Vikkelsø and Christoph Grimpe. 

Dates: 9th-13th December 2019. 

Location: Copenhagen Business School

The course is offered in collaboration with EU-SPRI FORUM

For more information, read here


rio delegation china

RIO field trip to Beijing, China, September 2019 
In September 2019, a small delegation of RIO group members including Susana Borrás, Mikkel Dehlholm, Stine Haakonsson, Jane Bjørn Vedel and Signe Vikkelsøe went on a one-week field trip to Beijing, China. The purpose of the trip was to develop research relationships with Chinese researchers and to collect data for the “Isomorphic Difference” project. The trip included a visit to Huairou Science City which is currently under development and aims to combine large science facilities with unicorn and film industry; a research workshop with researchers and students enrolled in the master degree programs “Innovation Management” and “Public Management and Social Development” at the Sino-Danish Center for education and research; a visit at the Institute of Green Finance which is an independent think tank engaged in increasing profitability of green projects; a visit at the Danish Cultural Center in Beijing that serves as the official platform for the exchange of culture and art; a meeting with key members of CASTED, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development that provides consultations on national science and technology development strategies; a scientific workshop with leading researchers at the School of Public Policy and Management at the Tsinghua University, and a meeting with Professor Mu Rongping and his research group at the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Policy & Management. 

Participating membersSusana Borrás, Mikkel Dehlholm, Stine Haakonsson, Jane Bjørn Vedel and Signe Vikkelsø



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